Gott Nytt 2008

Tack till er som läser, trots att det varit dåligt med uppdateringarna senaste veckan. I natt är det 12 grader kallt och jag sitter och kollar på disketter med grejer jag skrivit när jag var mindre.

I hope she knew
that the glitter in her eyes
was a glimpse of the evening sky
I hope she tried
to face the world when she had the chance
and never dared to lose balance
she is vulnerable but strong

I wish she never felt alone
I wish she didn't cry in secret
hopefully he'll come
to embrace her and give her the eternity

I am just a moonbeam
watching her from the sky
silently tossing silversparks upon her head
so that she will shine like a mirror in the sun
and I won't lose her in the darkness at midnight

I wish I could say something important
I wish she would know how stunning she is
like the mist at dawn
I wish she could handle herself
so that no one would have to worry at all

I do care for her
I could turn to despair because of her
I would never try to hurt her
She has meant too much to me to be forgotten

Skriven omkring 2002, fotot taget idag...

Postat av: Ronja

Var med och tävla hos mig:) Vinnaren dras imorgon!

2009-01-02 @ 00:48:24

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